responsible for employee engagement
Employee Engagement
August 31, 2018

Who’s responsible for employee engagement?

It’s a tough being in management or HR.  What with everyone assuming that employee engagement or often the lack thereof,…
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Employee LearningMicrolearning
August 28, 2018

How to make microlearning fun and effective for your employees

With almost every industry disrupted by agile companies, it has become a reality that to be successful in today’s business…
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millennial workforce
Employee EngagementMillennials
August 22, 2018

6 Ways to engage your millennial workforce

It’s a generation that’s seen many tech startups from the likes of Facebook to Airbnb, which have become some of…
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employee engagement
Company CultureEmployee Engagement
August 16, 2018

Combat low productivity with the 5 ingredients to employee engagement

There is a popular saying that seems to come standard with most CEO speeches. We hear it so often that…
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company culture
Company CultureEmployee Engagement
August 14, 2018

Your 8 step guide to creating a company culture that boosts motivation today!

What do we know about company culture? We read a great article, that articulated company culture as this; “Culture is…
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employee experience
Employee ExperienceEmployee Retention
August 7, 2018

Is your employee experience retaining top talent? It should be!

What is the employee experience at your company like? Employee experience you may ask…Yes, employee experience! And no, this is…
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social recognition
Employee Engagement
August 1, 2018

8 Tips to successfully implementing social recognition today!

Humans have an innate desire to be recognised and appreciated for the work that we do. This is deeply connected…
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