Staff absenteeism
Staff Absenteeism
October 16, 2018

Staff absenteeism really does affect your bottom line – here’s how

“I’m not coming into work today.” - six words a manager or anyone in human resources dreads. Staff absenteeism means…
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value of employee recognition
Employee Recognition
October 11, 2018

The real value of employee recognition and why you need it

A large repository of studies on employee recognition has proven its benefits for companies. When you recognise your employees, a…
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ways to give recognition
Employee Recognition
October 5, 2018

25 ways to give recognition that your employees will love

Employees are the heart of any business; start-up, small, medium or enterprise businesses, but if they aren’t feeling appreciated or…
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employee engagement
Employee EngagementMentorship
October 3, 2018

Employee engagement and the case for mentorship

Every company wants to improve productivity, employee engagement and bottom line results. Learn how you can do so by mentoring…
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