Sustainable advantage is served

A suite of proven employee experience apps in a powerful SaaS platform

Additional apps

bountiXP’s additional applications are costed separately, enabling you to configure the platform around your organisation’s specific strategic priorities.

Actionable feedback

Pulse survey

Fast, frequent feedback on specific topics enables you to respond to issues as they emerge.

Engagement survey

Use our validated survey or tailor your own to gauge the level of passion and performance around your organisation’s purpose.

Alignment survey

Determine whether your organisation is strategically and operationally aligned.

Culture survey

Discover whether you’re creating the kind of culture that leads to high performance.

Climate survey

Assess whether employees’ expectations of your organisational experience are being met and identify points for improvement.

Fast, fun knowledge transfer

bountiXP’s cloud-hosted course management system supports rich content, from quick quizzes to full-scale, interactive and certificated courses. Employees are empowered to become life-long learners.

Real-time tracking and progress reports improve training efficacy.

Learning centre

bountiXP’s learning centre is a repository of thought leadership. Content comes in different forms – videos, interactive presentations and quizzes.

Custom learning

bountiXP’s specialist learning team can upload your organisation’s learning content to our system, effectively establishing learning paths for your employees. Our system’s analytics allow you to track individual performance across key metrics, such as compliance, course completions and competency-building.

Gamified experiences

Using motivational nudges, performance triggers and feedback loops, our gamification application draws players into a world of self-discovery. The effect is deeper engagement and measurable behaviour change.

Immersive motivation

Players participate in missions linked to platform and program engagement, essentially advancing individuals within their respective roles through five stages of proficiency, from novice to master.

XP: Experience points

Experience points are awarded for accomplishing unique missions and tasks. Points, badges and leaderboards serve as powerful motivators, triggering the drives to acquire and defend status and awards, while advancing progress.