Where apps meet

A suite of proven employee experience apps in a powerful SaaS platform

Four core apps

Each of bountiXP’s core applications serves a specific purpose. Together, they unify and align people towards achieving transformative results.

Dual-purpose recognition

Combining the power of goal-based and values-based recognition, bountiXP aligns strategy and culture for improved people performance.

bountiXP supports four recognition types:


Enables everyone in the organisation to send and receive messages of thanks, praise, appreciation and support.


Empowers everyone to nominate a colleague or team to receive a reward for the value they add to the organisation.


Allows managers to recognise and reward employees, reinforcing the link between strategy, culture and success.


Elevate messages that reinforce organisational goals with the addition of points.

Ongoing engagement

As a hub of social recognition and engagement, bountiXP enables people to establish connections and build relationships around shared values and common purpose.

Using bountiXP people can:

View recognition in real time

The go-to for instant upliftment, encouragement and inspiration, 24/7.

Use filters to personalise the experience

See all recognition, or selective recognition among personal connections.

Comment on messages

Contribute to the social narrative and cultivate a culture of recognition and appreciation.

Add likes to show support

Amplify recognition’s impact with instant declarations of support.

Follow colleagues and coworkers

Establish connections and follow the recognition stories of others.

View colleagues’ profiles

Learn more about colleagues and track their engagement scores.

Engage one-on-one

A direct chat feature facilitates information flow and idea sharing.

A world of rewards

Research shows that rewards amplify recognition’s impact. Our range gives employees the freedom to choose the rewards they really want.

Reward cards

Every swipe leads to brand love and loyalty.

Virtual cards

For personal choice, nothing beats the online shopping experience.

Digital vouchers

Mobile rewards turn transactions into touchpoints.

Products, prizes and rewards

From premium prizes to corporate gifts and giveaways, we source, supply and deliver at scale.

Travel rewards

With hundreds of destinations to choose from, the ultimate incentive travel trip awaits.

Experience rewards

Create an emotional bond using unique experience rewards.

Real-time results

Drawing on hundreds of individual user data points, bountiXP provides easy-to-interpret analytics for enhanced workforce management. From current findings to future foresights, bountiXP’s value-adding insights help transform people potential, into reality.

Live dashboards

Analyze, track and report on performance recognition and engagement data in real time, using interactive data visualizations.

Advanced reporting

With access to quantitative recognition data across key culture metrics, such as engagement, advocacy, empathy, agility, diversity and inclusivity, management is enabled to make smarter, faster workforce decisions.